Join us for Forest Week in Spring 2024!

Feb 26, 2024

In the heart of Galicia, the majestic forests of Lóuzara Valley stretch across the landscape, a green haven that beckons the stewardship of passionate individuals. Chaos Campus is proud to host its first Forest Week from March 24 to April 6, 2024, an event dedicated to the sustainable management of the 12 ha forests surrounding the campus.

We invite YOU to participate in it! What can you expect?

Forest Inventory: The main event during forest week is a hands-on forest inventory to take stock of the forests surrounding Chaos campus. During this task you will not only learn how to assess forests, but also learn to identify key species under the guidance of forestry experts.  

Make a Difference: Your participation contributes directly to the development of a comprehensive forest management plan for Chaos Campus, ensuring that the natural beauty and ecological integrity of its forests are preserved for generations to come.

Experience More: Forest Week isn’t just about inventory. Immerse yourself in a variety of eco-centric activities, from cultivating edible fungi to learning how to apply silvicultural measures to exploring the surrounding landscape and discover secret caves and waterfalls! We are planning to organize some hikes and other fun activities in the wider region.

Connect and Unwind: After a day of meaningful work, relax and connect with fellow nature enthusiasts. Share stories by the campfire, enjoy self-made, vegetarian cuisine, and form friendships with people just as passionate about nature as you are.

Stay Involved: As Forest Week concludes, the journey doesn’t end. Join our follow-up programs and become part of a community dedicated to environmental stewardship year-round. Give us your input in how you think Chaos Campus should best manage its natural resources moving forward.

Accommodation and meals are provided, ensuring a comfortable and nurturing experience. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!

For inquiries or to register, reach out to us at or through our contact page here on the Chaos Campus website. Your adventure in sustainability begins with a single step – will you take it with us?